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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Open Call for Responses to the Work of John Taggart

Guest Editor: Thom Donovan

Little Red Leaves is announcing a call for responses to the work of John Taggart. These will be collected for one of the next few issues, and can include anything you consider "responsive": essays, reviews, poems, visual work, video/audio work, etc. Feel free to query C.J. (cm49600 at gmail dot com) with questions/suggestions/proposals.

Reading period for these submissions is completely open. Please attach poems/prose/visual work as .doc, .pdf, .jpeg or .rtf file, & send video/audio work in an appropriate format (links to video/audio work would be preferable).

Please send submissions to littleredleaves at gmail dot com. When submitting, please include your name & "Taggart" in the subject line.

All best,
The LRL Editors